Komm zurück in die Arme des liebenden Vaters 

God - His story with us

Perhaps you've already asked yourself what our site's title
"Come back into the arms of the loving Father" means.
We would like to explain it to you on this page.
The first people were Adam and Eve.

They were created by God and had (like all people) a free will.
They ate in paradise a fruit against God's will from the tree of knowledge.
The separation between God and people was the result.
Sin came into the world and people could not go back to paradise.
As men continued to sin, God flooded the earth.

With the obedient people (Noah and his family), God made his first covenant,
which should be for all men: as a visible sign of this covenant he set the rainbow 

(Genesis 9:12).
Since then every person has been faced with the decision as to the way in which he lives.
Which path do you follow?
Many people think that one should strive and do good things to come to heaven.
But the Bible says that the Son of God - Jesus Christ -
is the only way to our God, the heavenly Father.
When we walk on the narrow path, we recognize what
Jesus Christ has done for us through his death on the cross.

God gave His Son out of love for us.
Jesus died for our sin, he was man without sin (1 Peter 2:24).
So, the separation between God and man is forever abolished.
The way to the Father (God) is free. I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6) 

Which of the two ways do you want to go?

It`s your decision where you will spend eternity.
And you are free to decide as long as you live.
Not just after death. It is the most important decision in your life.
God accepts a YES and a NO because of our free will.
We have decided to go the way of the blessing and would like to invite you."
So we are the messengers of Christ, and God uses us to speak through us,
and we pray earnestly, as if Christ were doing it personally:
"Rejoice with God!"(2. Corinthians 5:20)
Let's reconcile with God = "Come back into the arms of the loving Father"
If you're wondering how this should work, go a step further.

If a person is not saved by God, he will be lost forever. "For the reward of sin is death ... ... but God gives us in communion with Jesus Christ, Our Lord, eternal life. (Romans 6:23 Bible) 

Why the bible?