Komm zurück in die Arme des liebenden Vaters 

Frequently asked questions

 We often talk with people about faith in God the Father, God`s Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

 Many have burning questions or reservations, too, to deal with the subject at all.

 We would therefore like to try to answer the following questions:

What is the difference between religion and faith? 

Religion demands and exists in rituals and traditions. The fulfillment of the pledge is at the center of every religion. Many people are content with a certain religiosity,

until one day they realize: It does not help!

Religions have one thing in common: They have recognized the basic problem:
Everyone makes mistakes, and every person has to stand for his deeds once face to face with God.
The religious principle is: If a person leads a good life, there is a corresponding reward.

The God of the Bible is a loving and a just God.

Whoever does something wrong must be responsible for God.

No one is able to free himself from evil deeds.

In order to give people the opportunity to get access to God and to be reconciled with Him,

Jesus as the Son of God took the blame for every person.

He has gone to the Cross of Golgotha (Calvary) ​​for the things we have done wrong.

And this is also the difference to religions:

Whoever believes in Jesus from "heart" can come to God - even without religious fulfillment of duty.

If a person recognizes own guilt and confesses that Jesus was punished for all sins (click for more information)
a new and fulfilled life can begin

Only the faith in Jesus Christ can free us from our guilt (separated from God)
and reconcile us with God.

Why does God allow suffering?
 Almost daily we hear terrifying news or experience suffering, difficulties or problems.
Many people reject God and his existence because of their own suffering or the suffering in the world.
They wonder how an omnipotent God can allow suffering and evil.
 Who can give us an answer to these questions?
We believe that God himself provides helpful and meaningful answers to that which we find in the Bible.
 The first book of the Bible describes how God created the world, which was perfect and very good (Gen. 1:31).
There was neither violence nor pain.
 But this perfect world (paradise) was destroyed by the rebellion of the first two people.
Adam and Eve rebelled against God, they wanted to be in the center,
to decide everything for themselves.
The result was the separation from God, death and sin came into the world - the fallen creation.
 Exactly the same happens today. It`s just the same problem.
People place themselves at the center and want to be God themselves.
This is the reason for the suffering, wars, many diseases and the bad in this world.
Today, we see what happens to people who live without God.
 Is God just a spectator?
Does he do something about death and suffering?
 People who accuse God that he does not interfere, ignore an essential truth.
Everyone has a free will.
And yet God has already done everything, and even more!
 For example, if we drive by car at night and decide not to turn on the light,
even though the engineer has installed it,
then we must not be surprised when a bad accident happens.
 This means: If we do not let Jesus - "the light of the world" enter into our lives,
then an accident will certainly happen.
God has done everything, he has sent Jesus!
This Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14: 6).
 Even when the lights are on, there are occasional accidents: this is part of life!
But with God at the side, no one is alone,
God is with us in the most difficult situations and he suffers with us.