Komm zurück in die Arme des liebenden Vaters 

God and Israel

 Is Israel important today for us Christians?

The Bible describes the way of God with his people - Israel.
God speaks to Abraham and all people coming after Abraham.
Gods words are always true and significant till now.

And I will bless those who bless you, and he who curse you, I will curse him;
and in you shall be blessed all the families of the earth.

(Genesis 12:3, ELB)

Are we Christians also people of God and God`s family?

The "oil tree" image of the apostle Paul from the New Testament

(Romans 11:17-18) answers this question with YES!

From the noble olive tree (folk of the Jews) the branches have been broken out
(that is, the Jews who do not yet believe in Jesus as the promised Messiah).

The Christians, who acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and Savior, are also his people.
An image with symbolic character:

The symbolism illustrates how the people of the Jews
(symbol of the menorah - seven-armed candlestick)
and we Christians (fish symbol-Jesus Christ, Son of God, My Savior)
belong together as a people of Israel (The Star of David).

 Christians' connection with the people of Israel is not given by human birth but by the Holy Spirit.

 Through Him - in the Spirit - we are inextricably linked.