Komm zurück in die Arme des liebenden Vaters 

Helping other people 

It is personally important to us to support and help those who cannot help themselves. 

Projects 2024:

At Easter we had a possibility to bring some small presents to the women in a local prison and to the elderly people in a senior center in Kassel.

We believe that it’s an especial chance to spread the gospel in a loving and kind way.

“You are loved“ is the message on the card. 

Projects 2023: 

Making the faith visible... so that people gain or have hope again.

Christmas gifts for senior ministry and prison ministry
During the Christmas season we were again able to pack around 80 generous gift bags and distribute them to inmates and staff in an AWO senior center in Kassel and in the Kaufunger women's prison.
A special season for the best message in the world: "To you a Savior is born today."
(Luke 2:11)
We would like to thank all donors who made our work possible.

We are particularly moved by the support of sponsorships where 100% of the donations arrive locally. The impact of such sponsorships is great.
They change the world of children sustainably.
Here are the two works which we support:

Patenschaften des Missionswerk frohe Botschaft (externer Link)

Patenschaften von Compassion (externer Link)

As Christians, we are responsible for ensuring that Christian values, such as
peace, love, honesty, loyalty and mercy are conveyed and lived in our society.
Our vision is for people to hear the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and follow the call to the heart of God.
It is our wis
h that people experience hope and support in their lives through faith in God.
We want to accompany people on this path sustainably and encourage them to follow Jesus.
Our goal is to lead people into a self-responsible faith before God and not to tie them to religions or other people.